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So they did not have permission to be on the tracks.

Just like regular folks don't know much about railroads, regular folks (like you railfans here) don't know much about the film business. It's all bright lights, movie stars, limos and money, money, money right?

Let me tell you, it's not.

I have witnessed countless times directors possessed by their vision and damn any one who say no to it. For a below-the-line crew member such as myself to say no meant being fired and blackballed.

The incident above I related regarding the mutiny only worked because the producers, and particular the director, were not based in the States.

Atlanta, where the production in question was based out of, is a busy but still small film community. Good work is hard to come by. I am sure all involved felt they had to get along to go along.

Since the film business is like high school (but with money) I couldn't write this and not worry about jeopardizing future work opportunities if I was still in.

Nice huh?

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