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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
The tragedy is a young women employee is dead because of that negligence.
Why didn't she just jump out of the way? Why didn't ANYONE just jump out of the way as soon as they heard the train coming (for at least a minute according to the article)?? I'm sure we'll find out more as time goes by, but right now those are the first questions that come to my mind. I can't imagine thinking that running away from an approaching train ON THE TRACKS is a better option than just jumping a few feet to the either side of the tracks (even if that means landing in a river, or breaking your legs landing on the ground. Both of those are better options than death).

There was a death last year on a bridge that I've photographed a thousand times. It completely baffled me how the guy who was hit wasn't able to jump off the bridge (no railings on either side) before the train hit him. Worst case scenario he would have broken a leg. He had ample warning that a train was approaching, too, as you can clearly hear a train blowing at several crossings, miles away from the bridge, including one just a quarter mile away from the bridge. I insisted that it had to be suicide or the guy was really drunk, as it happened around 6am, but the story was never followed up.

I just don't know what goes through a person's head when running from an approaching train that would stop them from simply jumping to either side of the tracks ASAP. A train is on a narrow, fixed path. GET OFF that fixed path!

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