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Originally Posted by magicman_841 View Post
Yes, it is very sad, but how can you possibly defend these people? Because they make movies? If it was a bunch of taggers or kids, you'd all be saying "they got what was coming on to them". They were trespassing on a railway bridge with a bed mattress (?!) and filming equipment. Sorry, but this is a bad idea gone horribly wrong.

And I doubt very much that CSX would have said "Oh, sure, we'll stop our trains for your movie". They probably would have said "no" and sent a special agent over.

At this time, it is not clear what permission the movie production company did or did not have.

I would add they may have had permission from the railroad to be there. And then it would not be the first time on a railroad that a train showed up when it shouldn't. Ask any track worker. Look at the rule book; pages and pages are devoted to track permission. That is indicative this issue has been a long term problem.

I am not sure how you think anyone is defending "these people." I certainly am not saying the movie production company had the right to be there. I am in complete agreement that someone was appallingly incompetent and possibly criminally negligent.

The tragedy is a young women employee is dead because of that negligence.

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