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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Wow, such an avoidable tragedy by a simple phone call to CSX. Sad news.

I find this to be confusing though:
When were they expecting the trains to arrive? How did they know those trains were going to arrive? If they knew those trains were going to arrive, why didn't they know the third train would arrive? Why didn't the crew just jump off the bridge to save themselves? So many questions...
With the line of work I'm in, whenever we have to enter the railroad ROW to do any type of work, a flagman from the railroad needs to be on site with us, he usually has the boards up, and is in radio contact with all the trains that will occupy those tracks and that's on top of getting safety certified and having made a dozen calls to get clearance, the whole unexpected train thing is confusing, maybe they do things different in other states
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