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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
Well, let's see. First, he'd have to call dispatch, ask them to stop the train, back up and wait until the sun was perfect. I doubt dispatch would do that, even if he told them it was a suggestion from a RP screener. If it's not up to RP's standards, fine, reject it. But to tell a photographer not to take a shot becuse the lighting conditions aren't perfect is a little arrogant to me.
Joe, I think you read too much into what Robert said. I think he just said come back another time when the light is, in his view, better.

And I think his main complaint was the first part of his sentence, which raises the issue of over-processing. But I'm not him, obviously. That's how I read it, and I agree. (Keep in mind that I love the shot as-is and don't care about the RP rejection.)
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