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Darn! I was just looking for an improved D80...with some sort of dust elimination capability and maybe a better sensor. I have been eyeing the D80 for some time as I have pretty much outgrown my D40X. I haven't got much interest in video....just another thing that can malfunction, from my standpoint. Perhaps I should just grab a D80...or maybe a D300, now that the 700 is out. There may be clearance sale prices on the now pitifully obsolete D80 and D300.

Question about the ISO specs on the D90: My D40X is allegedly ISO100 capable and I use that setting all the time. But I have always thought my camera was "dark" when compared to similar-featured Canons. At ISO 100, I'd meter on a scene in bright afternoon light and come up with something like 1/250 at f8, while a Canon-shooter standing next to me would be able to shoot 1/320 or 1/400 for the same aperture. Could it be that the ISO 100 setting on the D40X (and other Nikons) isn't as strong as other brands????? I thought ISO was an international standard. Now, I see the literature on the D90 talking about a base ISO of 200 and I'm even more convinced that the Nikons are a bit on the "dark" side.

Any thoughts on this?

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