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Originally Posted by ssw9662 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe that a cop has to respond to a call regardless of how much of a non-issue it may seem to be.
Yes, it is indeed their job, and, if I recall correctly, if they DON'T respond to a call and merely shrug it off as "just being some railfans", and it turns out to be someone with ill intentions who does something that, for instance, takes human lives as a result, that cop would likely end up in prison. As everyone else has said, this is a part of the hobby - the fact of the matter is that we do look suspicious to the general public, and it's all too likely that someone is going to call the cops on us. Every law enforcement official I have ever encountered knows what we are doing out here, and doesn't have a problem with it (they of all people know that there are far worse things we could be doing). Being cooperative and truthful will get you through the scenario quick and easily, and most of the time, they will just say have a nice day and leave. The worst I've had is a polite request by the law enforcement official to pack it up and railfan elsewhere - simply go to the next crossing or another favorite railfanning location of yours (I have never heard of anyone being hassled for this action, as a lot of times, they really don't care that you are there - it is the general public or a nearby landowner who are paranoid that causes them to request that you pack it up and move elsewhere). As you said, you were not doing anything in the wrong, thus what do you have to fear?

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