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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Amen. It may be because I am getting old, but I don't find U2-style photos of trains to be at all pleasing to the eye. If I owned a drone, I might be shooting at a 30-degree down-angle from perhaps 50-100 ft. AGL, not 60-90 degrees from 399 ft.

As an observation, I am finding that some charter operators are now designating certain spots and run-bys in which participants are welcome to fly their drones. Despite the explosion of drone sales, very few participants seem to opt to take advantage of it. There could be a number of reasons why this is the case:
  1. Perhaps many charter participants see limited applications for a drone and would rather carry an extra lens or body than haul a drone around in their luggage.
  2. It is possible that some folks would rather spend their loot on unique photo opportunities (such as a charter) than on more gear.
  3. It may be because the folks who do charters tend to be older and with more disposable income, and older folks are less inclined to adopt new technologies.

In my case, I'm with reason number one.
Times change...on the first charter I attended, the guys with sound recorders were complaining to the organizers about all the noise from motor-drive SLRs. I was unable to accommodate them, since my then-new camera had no manual film advance.
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