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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I did the smart thing, I posted before his! People have long forgotten my dreck by the time they get to his stuff!
Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I was thinking the same thing, as I am sure Janusz, Jim and Michael were...

"Yeah - just go back in your room!"


Kidding, of course - indeed, a mighty find collection Thomas!

Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
That is one master class in B&W verticals!

I was going to post a couple I have but I'll just go back in my room and forget such thoughts...
You guys are killin' me...

Thanks for the kind words...means a lot, especially from three gents who's work greatly I admire (and one who keeps getting nods from that CRPA contest - he must be pretty good)

But only two were taken on "real" railroads - the rest really don't matter since they were on "non-real" railroads (even worse is some involve steam)...

(tongue firmly planted in cheek, if you couldn't tell...)
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