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Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
If anything, if we're going to have different standards and criteria for different "generations" of photographer, shouldn't we hold the guys who've been doing this for four decades to a higher standard, while giving a bit more leeway to those who are just learning?
In simple terms, no.

The way it stands now, RP has a specific set of guidelines and standards that it holds to - however, due to the inconsistency of human nature and the screeners being human the rubric is at best dynamic and at worst porous.

Because of this, I think it is fair to say that the threshold for getting a photo on can be at different levels at different times. (Not a complaint - the nature of being human.)

So there may be some mutual advantage to the screening team and the submitters if based on this knowledge folks who have been publishing in Trains and books for decades (or even some of the younger ones who have proven themselves standouts) automatically get a lower threshold, while others who are not proven (such as myself frankly) still must jump over the higher threshold.

Look at it this way - if you did not like a dish served to you by Nobu Matsushisa, you would still know that it's probably going to taste wonderful to others because you can trust the man who created it. On the other hand, if you didn't like something served you at Denny's you would be more dismissive of it period and think no one else would like it either.

Besides, the big name guys, even in failure, are showing us interesting stuff. Would you rather watch Pujols bat or me bat? Would you feel ripped off if Pujols struck out? I don't think so. You would still have seen an expert do his best and swing with majesty. On the other hand, if you saw me struck out, you'd have seen an idiot trying his best.

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