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Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
If anything, if we're going to have different standards and criteria for different "generations" of photographer, shouldn't we hold the guys who've been doing this for four decades to a higher standard, while giving a bit more leeway to those who are just learning?
Of course not. Would that mean the older guys would have to upload images that are more level, sharper, better composed, with better color, better contrast, etc.? That would be absurd. Besides, the new guy could easily bag the shot of the century during his first week of train photography.

A rookie, called up from the minors because of an emergency, and with the bench depleted, could find himself at the plate with the bases loaded and his team down 3-0 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth in the seventh game of the World Series---and with one swing of the bat, hit one into the upper deck for a grand slam. His at-bat counts the same as the veteran future hall of famer and six time all-star who took a called third strike just before him.

Take a moment and read Mitch's comments---because that's very close to what I've been thinking.

Veteran photographers have paid their dues and learned the craft. That doesn't mean they're better, or that they can't learn new things. I see images on RP every day (well...I used to...the really good shots have dried up lately) taken by photographers 30 to 40 years younger than me that absolutely blow me away.

However---veteran photographers (those who can consistently deliver a "quality" image) expect some degree of respect. Seniority and achievement should count for something. Clearly, they don't get it at RP. And because of that, they never show up at all...or they walk. We're all deprived of seeing their great material, and the site is the weaker for it.

You don't get the experience of speaking to a peer whose work you've admired for years. "You should post a few of your shots to Rail Pictures." Many of the responses are not appropriate to be documented here, but suffice to say I get a lot of "no thanks..." It doesn't take long for word to get around---or for some of these same veterans who have wrestled with RP to either blow up and get mad as hell....or simply stop posting shots altogether. As we've noted here several times, people do vote with their feet (or their mouse or cursor).

It's the law of diminishing returns at work here. It's the same as if the gene pool gets contaminated by too much inbreeding. After a while, all the photos follow the same formula---and they all tend to look the same. I know that's not RP's intentions---but that's what it becomes, and is becoming.'s not about me. I probably get 90 percent of my shots accepted, so I have no reason to bitch. I think they're okay shots...and I've learned more about getting a good scan and Photoshop work over the years (even old dogs learn new tricks). I still get a few rejections, of course---some of them for good reason, and of course some of them I would contest as b.s. As of this morning, I have 3,144 images on RP. It's not as if I have another 3,000 or more great shots just waiting to be scanned (although I do have a few...).

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