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Default U Boats and Coal, a day on the TTI

Thanks to a heads up on the KY RR list on thursday, I was able to get out today and shoot the TTI (Transkentucky RR). This was the first time in Ten years I had tried to shoot them, and we had a very Productive day!

It was up early and out the door a little before 0600. The train was suppoed to leave the yard at Paris around 0700, and I wanted to make sure to get ahead of them. We arrive in Paris just as they pulled out at 0711. The sun was still a hour away from being "usable", so we paced the train North Through Millersburg, Carlisle, and on up to Ewing for the first shot. They had seen fit to put a borrowed CSX slug set on the point, so the Northbound trip wasnt going to be much anyway, but I managed a few shots of the big GE's shoving on the rear...

Northbound.... First shot of the day at Ewing, just after the sun popped over the hill. Passing the Depot at Flemingsburg JCT. Pushers on the rear near Lewisburg Pushers drifting downhill into Maysville

After arriving in Maysville, the TTI train had to wait for CSX traffic to clear. After about a hour they pulled out onto the CSX main and headed East to the Barge loader, letting us grab a few shot of them as they passed through town and worked the yard. TTI 5763 leads the train East through Maysville TTI 361 at the Barge loader TTI 361 and 5763 side by side while switching the yard.

It doesnt take anytime for the crew to yard the loaded train, triple up the 90 empties and head back for Paris. While they corssover from the CSX main, we headed back up the hill to search out a few good spots. The Southbound trip is what I have been waiting for, perfect sun, and a crusty old U boat on the point. We spend the rest of the day following them back to Paris...

Southbound Empties... passing through the farmlands South of Maysville. (my favorite shot of the day) Passing the depot at Flemingsburg JCT again, in better light passing under route 32 near Carlisle Downtown Paris nearing the Yard and the end of the day.
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