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I would say categorize leasers according to the railroad they were leased to at the time. I guess as a practical matter, the railroad they were on when photographed.

Now, run-through power, that is another story. For example, my only UP shot on RP is from Maryland, how does that count? I count it below, CP same thing.

And how about old schemes? Is CR blue on NS a CR or a NS? I could as NS.

My (modest) counts:

Current operating: 27, I am very surprised there are so many. This uses RP categorization, so Amtrak California counts as a separate RR. I don't do much with NS but I am still surprised that my only shot is in CR paint.

Everything else: 3, counting all Strasburg as one (Strasburg, CP, and NW paint schemes), counting all Western Maryland Scenic as one (WMSR and a WM caboose).
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