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Default How many different railroads do you have on RP?

Just a question that came to mind while looking through photo stats. Obviously people who are more into shortlines are going to have a higher number. I'm not one for shooting steam or shots of ruins or what not, so I spilt them into two stats:

1) Current (or current at the time I shot them) operating railroads earning profit to include heavy commuter rail and and Amtrak.

2) everything else to include museum pieces (ie, all steam, tourist lines), non museum engines painted and numbered for railroads defunct at the time I shot them (ie, dead line shots), leasing companies and odd balls (to include light rail, industrial short lines, monorails).

Not counting museums/defunct railroads/leasing companies/odd balls: 43
Counting museums/defunct/leasing companies/odd balls: 58

On top of that, I would say I've shot another 20 or so roads that I haven't uploaded shots of.

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