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I'm not much of diesel guy, so take my comments in that context.

Both images feature a partly dark nose. I know that RP is very big on nose light with diesels, particularly when the image is a simple wedge with no scenery. Both of these are solidly in that category. I think the Screener is saying that if all you are showing is a train, the light on it had better be really good, and that's not the case here.

I would suggest not resubmitting either shot. Keep them for your personal collection. Both shots could use some brightening. The second one is definitely underexposed. I have noticed that many of your past submissions were also quite dark. If you are shooting manual, you will want to adjust your exposure settings to brighten by perhaps 2/3rds of a stop. If you are shooting automatic exposure, find out how your camera handles "Exposure Compensation" and jack that up by the same amount.

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