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Default Apparently the definition of "backlit" isn't what I remembered.

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First shot is a BNSF oil train headed westbound along the Columbia River Gorge at East Lyle (Doug's Beach State Park), WA. Second shot is an eastbound UP/CP grain headed east out of the siding at Kuna, ID. Both rejected for being "backlit". Apparently the definition of "backlit" has changed or something, or maybe I never understood it correctly in the first place, because they don't seem backlit to me, with over half of the nose in sunlight. And even if they are slightly backlit, it feels as though both shots have their own merit - one is in a scenic place, the other involving foreign power in a scene that may deceive the viewer without prior knowledge. If there are any other major problems with these, I honestly can't figure it out... help, please?
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