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Originally Posted by jdirelan87 View Post
hes gaming the system to his advantage. Would be nice if the admins would address the issues of external linking, an issue it seems most of the active community is against, but of course that would require some action by the admins.

The powers at be appear to be so disinterested in this site that I guess we should count it as a victory that photos are still screened regularly. Oh well, guess just chalk up the external linking issue up to another chapter in the slow decline of a once great site.
So here's the thing. Views = money to them.

The TO24 is just a game, a little bone they throw to some of us, same with the other "awards"...

They wont do anything about it because it's a business to them, a money maker, first and foremost

The only affect we have on this is to not submit to their game... lots of photographers have done that already.
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