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Originally Posted by stlgevo51 View Post
Nikos, is are your stats showing patched or unpatched?

It has been so long since the last big merger, that the class ones are getting very predictable.
The numbers quoted by Nikos are the number of Conrail painted units (all patched) left operating on each CSX and NS.

Conrail GP38's #7686, 7720 and 7725 all went to CSX though they did not operate long enough after the split to be renumbered. #7725 never operated at all on CSX and remained on NS property until late 2006 or early 2007 before finally being sent to CSX. This unit as well as #7686 and 7720 were to be used as core units for the Road Slug program during 2008-09 but the number of locomotives was cut back before the order was completed and these units never rebuilt. Both should still be buried in the deadlines at Waycross,GA along with a few GP40 cores which were not used.

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