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I read this thread some time ago and tended to agree with the "It's not your fault she's smoking" line of thought. Although we ought not to go out of our way to get railway staff into trouble, if they are caught on a legitimate photo doing something they shouldn't, then they should bear any consequnces.

However, I have to say that I feel uncomfortable about this shot, recently uploaded that was taken only 12 months ago.
Image © Steve Armitage
PhotoID: 241361
Photograph © Steve Armitage

It's a good pair of merged photos and Steve tells a good story in the remarks column.

However, it certainly seems that the signalman gave unauthorised access to the photographer. Whilst the names of the location have been blurred out, for someone who knows the location and the signalman, it can't be difficult to work it out. The signalman is plainly recognisable.

This guy was obviously very helpful (and good for him I say), but his bosses may not see it that way. We already have enough problems with railway staff and hierarchy with our hobby as it is. If seen by "the suits from Network Rail" this photo could result in some heat for the signalman and some memos floating around reminding staff to keep us guys out.

Much as I like the shot, I can't help feeling that it would have been better not shared so publicly.

Perhaps Janet may have some ideas of what NR might say?

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