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Originally Posted by Khalua10
What rule were they breaking?

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I don't know the exact rule number, but when someone is protecting a shove they are ride on the side of cars, ONLY. If something happened to the train and you were on the front, you could be knocked off and run over by your own train. You can however ride the front/rear of a car if you on the rear of the train (being pulled).

Also, I'm not sure on the particulars of a tank car, but the conductor on the right is most likely braking another rule. When riding a covered hopper you must NOT ride inside the crevice between the walkway and the side of the actual hopper. I wouldn't be surprised if sitting on the air brake mechanism would equate to the same thing.

At least, that's how it is done over here in GCOR land, but you east coasters tend to do things a bit differently.

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