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LOL! Interesting thread.

First of all, I wish more railroaders (and railfans!) looked like the cab crewmember in the photo being discussed.

Second, I apparently also raised a few eyebrows a couple of weeks ago when I caught a railroad crew "smoking". I posted a few shots of a steam tourist railroad and forwarded the links to a friend of mine who has "ties" to that railroad. He forwarded them to his buds at the RR because they enjoy seeing pix of their operation on this site. Well, one photo caught everyone's attention.

It seems that the locals at an exclusive marina just behind the train in this photo have raised a ruckus in the past about "smoking" in the vicinity of their marina....and the railroad consequently implemented some pretty stiff rules about having an absolutely clean stack passing that site.

Image © Kevin Madore
PhotoID: 237163
Photograph © Kevin Madore


Hopefully, no one got in trouble over it. I personally appreciated the nice plume

Anyway, as others have stated, there's no way we can anticipate ALL of the possible consequences of the shots we post here. Folks need to understand that we post them with the best of intentions. As I said earlier, I think most railroaders enjoy seeing their work being featured here.

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