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Originally Posted by JRMDC
You gave me the idea of revisiting some of my Seattle stuff. I actually got one in today despite the clouds, thanks, maybe, to a bit of fog that rolled onto the top of a tall structure:

Image © Janusz Mrozek
PhotoID: 181288
Photograph © Janusz Mrozek
Awesome! I think that's a great shot man...congratulations on getting it posted. I know exactly where that is - Elliott and Lee! My son found that spot, mostly by accident, while on our way between the BNSF Interbay yard and Holgate; looked over one day and BLAM..."Look, Daddy...Santa Fe!" There it was, an SD40 overwhelming the building next to it.

This photo was taken at that location as well:

Anyone like to share feedback on this photo?

In Seattle, I think a person must be creative and sneaky a lot of the time to get shots that have soul. It's a place where there's plenty of - what did folks call them - wedgie shots? I'm still finding places to take photos that will stand on their own merits, most of them extremely urban and cramped down around SODO and Georgetown.

As a sideline, it's probably a good time to start documenting the Spirit Of Washington Dinner Train, before its last run on the Eastside in late July `07.
Kurt Clark

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