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There seem to be two basic types of posters on the forums. The sore loser who complains that his shot has been rejected and the person who genuinely wants to improve. Wet Rails could benefit from posting his work for comment and then paying attention to the comments.

The "Cokato-MN" shot is way over exposed and the highlights are all blown out. This may be because his camera tried to compensate for the cloudy day, or it may be because he overly lightened the shot in his image processing program. The idea of the photo isn't bad and properly exposed might have gotten in. The "shadow shots" photo has had the contrast raised to the point where the sky is blown out and the foreground is nearly black. I doubt if his camera took the shot that way, so it's probably a case of improper image processing.

Post shots like that on the forums, listen and improve or go away and sulk. It's your choice.

My first thread on RP was almost a year ago, asking for advice on a shot that was rejected for being "too dark." I got a lot of useful feedback but ultimately decided not to resubmit it. I took a much better shot in the same location a year later and got a Screener's Choice from it.

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I know that paying attention to these forums has helped me to take better photos.

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