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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Of those 6 appeals, he said 4 were accepted, which in turn dismisses them as appeals. Hence, only 2 appeals should go on record.
On the surface, that sounds like fine logic, Jim. Unfortunately, what we don't know is just how many people do the same thing or how often. I have no evidence, but I would bet that more than a few do it more often than they should. I have discovered that photographers often have egos and they don't take kindly to someone telling them their stuff isn't good enough. They also have trouble sorting out the battles that are worth fighting from the ones that aren't. It's a bit like asking a father which kid he loves most. Unfortunately, 3rd parties don't see all submissions as having equal merit, and in this case, it is the 3rd party view that has the final say.

I suspect that on a busy day, with a lot of uploads, it doesn't take too many folks with multiple appeals to really make the process a PITA for the Admins. Recall that Admins are the arbiters in all appeals and there are only two of them. If one was the screener, then only the other can judge the appeal. Add to that the screening workload, because I don't think there are that many screeners (can't tell anymore, that pages is gone), and it can become a real time-sink for these folks.

I'm thinking that Admins are probably fine with a few appeals a day.....which means perhaps half a dozen people appealing once. I'm just guessing that when the same guys keep appealing multiple rejections, that's when the welcome is quickly worn out.

As they say, "everything in moderation." That includes uploads, re-submissions and appeals. If the same name keeps coming up in relation to negative events, the results won't likely be positive.

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