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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
Thanks for all your kind and useful comments

This is what RPN accepts, probably because this is not common power: - However there are 154 pictures of this engine in RPN.
And simultaneously they reject this much better lit picture: when this is now a rare series, with few units remaining in service, certainly what you in the US would consider uncommon power. And only 46 pictures for the entire series in the RPN database. Again, I maintain that there is a pro-US bias here, despite RPN staff saying otherwise.

Now, I am really considering withdrawing from RPN. There is a gowing number of credible alternatives, and when I post my discontent here, I receive invites from RPN competitors to post at their sites.

I feel sorry for RPN because I have sincerely thought that they had the potential to become an international reference. However when it comes to international, they are doing quite a bad job. And even in the US, they succeed in making famous photographers e.g. Schmollinger and Koostra disgusted with them! In reality, RPN is still what it was in its infancy: a bunch of close friends' own thing, with still limited open-mindedness to the outside world and to the views and insights of other photographers.
I 100% agree about your your disappointment Jean Marc, I'm in the same case of you, screeners are really closed about creativity but their personal opinions are too invasive and no claim is possible. There is also no possible interactivity with them!
I think that RPN will be locked in the general discontent of (non American) photographers because their photos will rarely published by openness of screeners and especially too often unjustified rejection reason...

In french "Quel gachit !"
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