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I think the first two shots are fine, but agree they are what I'd term "cloudy bright." Fine by my standards, and the subjects are of interest to me as an admirer of global freight operations, not just the US.

The "blue hour" shot just doesn't seem to have that certain pop for a photo taken at that time of day. The lighting seems flat, and a bit blown out. I don't think there is enough differentiation between where you want the viewer to go. That is, "Wow, look at the sky!" or "Wow, that's a cool LRV!"

I have been contributing photos here since Chris told me about his new site. I am by no means a prolific contributor (the fact I've been here that long and just recently crested the 100 photos submitted mark will tell you that), and I have seen many a contributor come and go over the course of being here, many of whom are very close friends.

From my experience, if you decide to leave the site to send someone (whether it is the site administrators or the site visitors) a message, it will have little effect. As Kent alludes to, if you are leaving because you have decided your hobby is becoming less and less enjoyable because of RPN, I know several people for which that has been the right decision.

I find your photos enjoyable, and I hope you can find a good balance between a forum through which to share your work, but also enjoy what is supposed to be a hobby. If a hobby is causing you nothing but frustration, it is hard to call it that. That's pretty much why I quit watching sports-- more often than not, I was angry at the end of the game. And life is just fine without that "hobby."
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