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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
1. Now, I am really considering withdrawing from RPN. There is a growing number of credible alternatives, and when I post my discontent here, I receive invites from RPN competitors to post at their sites.

2. I feel sorry for RPN because I have sincerely thought that they had the potential to become an international reference. However when it comes to international, they are doing quite a bad job. And even in the US, they succeed in making famous photographers e.g. Schmollinger and Koostra disgusted with them!

1. You seem to be taking a lot of this personally, which I think is a mistake. The two people running RPN I've met are really good people, and I'd spend a day chasing trains with either of them without hesitation. They are just playing to their audience. They add photos that they think their audience wants to see. It is true that generally speaking, my impression of U.S. railfans is they're a bit myopic, but that's hardly the fault of RPN. I've been traveling more and more to foreign countries and really enjoy their trains (although be honest here--UK diesels are bland and UGLY! ) There is an increasing number of U.S. railfans who do enjoy foreign railroads. The trains of India, China, Argentina, and the dampfzug of Baveria and UK are all very high on my list to go see. A couple of years ago I spent three weeks in Scotland seeing their trains (rode the sleeper from Glasgow to London.) I really want to go back, and also spend more time on the London tubes. Incredible! Maybe if more U.S. railfans would travel more, they'd certainly have more interest in trains from different places.

2. There are numerous Flickr sites for world railroads, and some have a pretty good volume. The sites aren't as searchable or organized as RPN, and many have comments in languages I not only don't speak but sometimes I can't even identify! I don't know Schmollinger but have met Kooistra. My impression is that he's not really anti-RPN, but rather just wants more control over his photos. He's more into doing magazine stories than posting on the internet--again my impression.

The Minor, one of only two engines on the railroad
that briefly existed in Reykjavik, Island:

Kent in SD
Gud Blessi Island!

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