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I'm going to side with the screener on those

It strikes me as odd to say such a thing on a post started by Jean-Marc.

My first thought, at least on the first two pics, is that it should be obvious to all here - viewers and screeners alike, that you were not going for a PC, SC, POTW nor the opportunity to better lay your claim to excellence with those photos. You are in new territory (obvious) and captured subjects that you thought would be fun to share. While most of us think "The BEST railroad photos on the net" means most aesthetically pleasing, the fact that RP accepts Darwin shots, wrecks, news, and might I "note", "other crap" proves otherwise. I like the diversity of subjects you are trying to add to the databaes.

However... they all could be presented in a more appealing way. Artificially, or not.

First two shots - as Kevin made note - you had filtered light. While perfect light might not be necessary for such photos, better light is preferable on a site like RP for "common power".

A) Go back and shoot those scenes on a nicer day.
B) "Change the light" - you can use the shadows and highlight filter to brighten up the scene and make 'em less flat. Less dark. Brighter - as
if it were sunnier. You could also use a "fill light"adjustment. OR - you
could change the color balance and warm it up - as if it were "sunnier".
Another trick of the trade would be 3rd party filters - "reflector" and "sunlight" which are really nothing more then graduated color balance macros. Extra contrast, sharpening, ect - all imply better light.

As for the last shot - I really like that one. I'm surprised you do not see the issue. When in doubt, "auto-_____" it as a proofer. The first thing I did was check "Levels" and the first thing I noticed was your highlights on the histogram were capped at like "207". Drag the slider from "250" down to where your highlights topped off and voila! Much better results!

Note to admin: A little earned encouragement from the screener would likely go a long ways toward keeping well revered patrons happy. Jean-Marc - I'm happy you have a long fuse, lol!

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