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I have no idea what constitutes common power in Germany, so it is difficult for me to ascertain why the tougher lighting standard was applied to the first two images. I would describe the lighting situation as "filtered sun", meaning you likely have a high overcast of cirrostratus clouds, which killed some of the light you would normally get at that hour, if the sky was completely clear. I hate cirrus clouds!!!

Of the two daylight shots, I agree with J. The second one has the best chance. The lighting in that one is the best.

I actually like your "dusk" shot. If I had shot it, I would be plenty happy with the lighting. It looks like my eye would see it, and (for me personally), that's the goal. I am scratching my head Jean-Marc.

Try as they might to be consistent, the folks who screen for RP are all different people and what's acceptably bright for one person might look a bit dark to another. It could also have to do with screen calibration. I don't know if the screeners calibrate the displays they use to judge the photos. That could make a difference. You might experiment a little bit with submitting your photos at different times of the day and see if there is a particular time of day when you have more success than other times. Perhaps you can find a "shift" with a screener on duty who happens to like what you like.

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