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J, I went back and looked at photos uploaded 2008-2010 (PhotoIDs 217255 through 350000) and sorted by most popular. In the top 500 shots, I saw nothing as bad as the one on the front page now. Here are some of the worst shots.

Image © rosterphotographer
PhotoID: 228812
Photograph © rosterphotographer

Image © phil cotterill
PhotoID: 293430
Photograph © phil cotterill

Image © Kyle Norek
PhotoID: 296307
Photograph © Kyle Norek

Image © Rob Olewinski/cmraseye
PhotoID: 252567
Photograph © Rob Olewinski/cmraseye

The photo on the front page right now is so bad, it would look considerably better if taken on an iPhone.

So, IMO, the wreck photos from NC last night are about the same or worse than what you would have seen 5 years ago. But this hopper photo is very close to the worst I've seen accepted in a LONG time, like 2005 quality.
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everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."
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