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Originally Posted by E3429
They leave them sit around here in SW Ohio all the time, too. It's no big deal until somebody starts over thinking. Usually the reverser or some other component is removed so it's not like someone's just going to hop on and take off with it.

In March of 1992, two juveniles, I think they were 12 years old or maybe even younger, stole two UP locomotives downtown in St. Louis. The route happened to be lined so that they made it all the way across the river, through Valley Junction, and south on the Chester Sub. I'm sure they ran through a switch or two, but who's counting? If memory serves me, it was either intentionally derailed, or happened to derail. They ran, but were caught.

Anyway, someone probably got in trouble over that one. Obviously the reverser was left in place, or at least accesible. Basically, the whole works were set up for this to take place. I'm sure that is by far the exception. Most trains or engines don't have reversers in place when sitting unattended.

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