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Screw work. Go shooting before it's too hot and the sky turns white. As for this crop, first, it's too square. Second, for a vertical, it's too big. You open it up and all you see is sky and heat distorted buildings. I typically don't go above 900 pixels wide on verticals, but maybe even 800 would do on this one. If the screener is like me, he may get set up to find something wrong with the shot just because of the buildings and having to scroll down so much to find the train.

But it also could use some cropping off the top. I think it needs to be right above the second tallest buildings. But since it's too wide, you'd in effect crop down on the top and the right and basiclly keep the square. (Which may work better smaller.) To me, I almost expect to see this shot as a landscape.

At some point the question needs to be asked: is it just easier to go back to this location and reshoot, letting the train get closer to you this time?
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