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I am late coming into this but, a page or two back with the one person talking about the shots not being accepted. Please show me where it states that train shots must be taken a certain way. I am missing that page in my camera manual, and see it refereed to on here a lot. I thought the whole idea of taking pictures was to record and image of what that photographer thought was interesting, am I correct? I am not saying that RP needs to accept these shots, but where do you get off saying that they are "No good"? They may not look good to you but it does not mean someone else will like not like it. The picture may be not the material that RP wishes to post on THEIR site, which is understandable as it is their site,but does not mean the picture(s) are not good at all. I am by no means trying to start another pissing match here, just pointing it out.

As for the shot, just another thing for the Homeland Security freaks to see and giving them more ammo to institute more rules/laws on photographing trains. You need to put yourself in their shoes for a second. They are not going to look at the whole picture, they are going to look at some person placing a camera on the tracks. The thing that I can see them coming up with is, "They are trying to get pictures of the undercarriage of the train to derail it while in motion." May sound stupid but this is how that crap comes about.

I personally like the shot in question, but I just think the timing is wrong, especially with the big todo in NYC not to long ago.

Just my 2 cents from the peanut gallery.
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