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I don't place blame with the screeners here for accepting it, knowing the circumstances of the shot as they saw it - I believe uploading the shot was solely Travis' decision to make, and from the sounds of it, he did discuss the subject in depth with the employee in question he was with and still received the okay to upload. I am still not sure I would have uploaded it were I in his shoes, however...perhaps obscuring the details a little bit more, or waiting some time before posting it, but this is Travis' decision. This thread proves how controversial the subject is, and honestly, both sides have a leg to stand on, so I'm not going to pick sides...

Yes, we all trespass, though there are ranges - pulling off the road onto railroad property just enough so you're not interfering with traffic versus standing in the gauge when a train is coming at you or wandering into the middle of an active yard are two different things in my book, even if they are both "trespassing." Just exercise common sense, be discrete, and don't do anything stupid that will put you and/or an employee's well-being in jeopardy. In all honesty, I find that a lot of the best shots out there are taken from public property anyhow.

Now, honestly, I don't think it is a bad thing to have a basic understanding of some of the railroad rules out there...there are plenty of internet sources to learn from, and if it can help save a guy's job, so much the better. Sure, it may have been their own fault for doing something to get themselves in trouble, but I still don't find that makes it okay for me to post a shot that will get a guy fired and prevent him from putting food on the table for his family just so I could have one more shot on Railpictures...if you want to play hard-ass, sure, it's his own damn fault, but I like to be a bit more respectful of these guys (and as a result, I am on particularly good terms with many railroad professionals [I'm not just talking T&E guys either] and get quite a bit of access to things I wouldn't otherwise). Simply put, respect them, and they'll respect you...or be indifferent and say tough s**t, and they'll do the same after they call you in for trespassing next time they see you trackside...but, I know I'm preaching to a brick wall here, so I'll quit while I am still ahead.
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