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Originally Posted by Hatchetman View Post

Here's one that could have been f16, 1/500, ISO200 (but wasn't).

Image © John Crisanti
PhotoID: 385951
Photograph © John Crisanti
Hmm...f7.1, 1/1000th and ISO 100. Let's see if I do this correctly:

f16 would be just over two stops down, so in order to compensate for that, 1/500th and ISO 200. I'm surprised you were able to get that good of an exposure without going to at least ISO200. Or, was it a little underexposed? I ask because I find myself shooting f8, 1/800 and ISO 200 quite often on sunny days. I guess the Sunny 16 rule doesn't always apply.

Originally Posted by Indecline View Post
I never shoot at the maximum f stop, never have seen a need to, ever.

Same here. I'm ALWAYS shooting with either f4, f5.6 or f8, depending on what lens I'm using, the lighting conditions and whether or not I've got the CP filter on the lens. And recently I've been finding myself shooting at ISO 400-800 more often, especially because I like to shoot at f8 as much as possible. The Canon 60D seems to work pretty well with those higher ISOs. And of course, the 5D is pretty good at those numbers as well.

f8, 1/320 and ISO 800 on the 60D:

Can't complain about that!
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