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Originally Posted by IHapsias View Post
I always find myself shooting F 5.0 ISO 100-250 1/200-1/250th with the weather as of lately when i'm out.

I try to shoot ISO 100 F 5 1/400th or somewhere near that on a sunny day
Jeez, when I was shooting Velvia at 50 ISO, I tried to at least hit 1/350 to 1/500 at all times. Anything less and you would get motion blur. I always try to keep my shutter speed up - seems like you have do so even more with digital cameras. 1/500 is my slowest speed I use with digital, though I prefer to shoot around 1/750 to 1/800 most of the time. One of the camera's I use works just fine at 400 ISO so that's my minimum with that one. If I need to crank it up, I do to maintain the needed shutter speed.

I never shoot at the maximum f stop, never have seen a need to, ever. A fairly wide apature isn't going to hurt you in railroad photography. I've shot some pretty OK stuff on film at f1.4 and f2.0 over the years on Velvia.

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