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Originally Posted by coaststarlight14 View Post
So, i got a Canon EOS rebel T3 about a month ago. I've noticed that some people have posted (in photo descriptions) that they used F/2.3, but the new T3 doesn't go that low.
The camera isn't the limiting factor. The lens is. The F-stop, or aperture, is a function of the design of the lens. The lower the F number - 1.4 as opposed to 3.5, for instance - the larger the opening in the lens allowing light through when you take a picture. Your kit lens is designed with a maximum aperture of f/3.5 at its minimum zoom, and a maximum of f/5.6 at maximum zoom. The wider your aperture (lower F-stop), the more light your lens is allowing through to the sensor, so the faster your shutter speed can be. This is especially helpful in low light situations or with things that are moving quickly. The tradeoff is that at wider apertures, the depth of field - or the amount of your subject that is in focus - is much smaller than at higher F-stops.

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