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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Your photo portfolio represents your style and vision. Seems legit to be frustrated when your portfolio represents their vision of "your vision". Funny, I went to Chipolte's the other day - I got a free lunch since I was a regular patron for months. Unfortunately, on RP, it seems every visit (post) is treated as your first. And that's fine if it weren't for all the damn flies!
Mitch, I generally agree with your post, but not sure where you're going with the pair of ideas you lay out here.

First off, isn't a screening process with (at least it theory) a set list of standards sort of intrinsically opposed to developing "your vision" of a portfolio on RP? There are plenty of sites that let railfans have complete total control… and largely they are significantly lower in quality than RP. I think RP does a good job of balancing quality control ("their vision," if you will) and allowing latitude for photographers to define a style. Look at the wide variety of processing, subject matter and styles (i.e., wedge, night, panning, etc) found on the site. Are there limitations? Sure. But most photos not making the database are not being rejected because they are too artistically advanced for RP (including both mentioned by the OP), but because they simply bad photos.

Second, there is another term for giving somebody a break because they are a regular; favoritism. You got your free burrito because Chipolte wants you to come back. That's fine, but you're not competing against others for that burrito. Photos should be screened in a total vacuum (ideally without the photogs name. I know this was discussed years ago, did we ever get an answer on it?).

Edit; I just reread your post and it occurred to me I could be misinterpreting your second point. If you mean that as a regular on RP, you should be entitled to more in-depth feed back or support, then I agree with you there.
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