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Originally Posted by sd9 View Post
First off that wasn't the shot I walked a half a mile for, second, I never said they should get ON because of the effort, I simply said do the "screeners ever take in account the effort"
And if we were to question any thing it would be, why do we do what we do, that is, take photos of trains and then bitch about them not getting accepted to a website..just saying
BTW here's the 1/2 mile walk shot.
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I'm with you in some regards - as stated in my earlier post. One such instance on my account was photographing several Northern Pacific steam engines while on a trip in the Northwest. No photos existed on RP, hardly any of NP at all, in fact. Did they take that into account when rejecting for "foreground obstruction" due to the protective fence? Nope. Was I trying to get a PC? Nope. Did I bitch - yup. And why? Not because it didn't get on, but because others with a fence had been accepted AND because while a NP steam engine behind a fence might not be representative of the best railroad photos on the net, neither are roster shots, wedges, Darwin's nor wrecks.

Your photo portfolio represents your style and vision. Seems legit to be frustrated when your portfolio represents their vision of "your vision". Funny, I went to Chipolte's the other day - I got a free lunch since I was a regular patron for months. Unfortunately, on RP, it seems every visit (post) is treated as your first. And that's fine if it weren't for all the damn flies!

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