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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
The PCA's are winning with under 20 likes at times (which suggests low amounts of votes) and the TO24s are predetermined like a wrestling match. Where has my RP gone?

Loyd L.
Well put.

We're in an age in which popularity is apparently now determined by social media hits, which can so easily be manipulated by narcissistic types. The hell of it is that most (although certainly not all) of these "I love me" campaigns could be so easily prevented with just a little extra code. In the case of TO24, I'm sure the site welcomes the linked hits, because they help generate ad revenue......but they don't have to count them in determining which pictures make the home page. TO24 has become a ballot box-stuffing contest, and I don't believe that was the original intent. Rather, it should be a measure of popularity on RP, where everybody gets exactly one vote per day.

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