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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I didn't start shooting RAW until November of 2009 after being convinced by many RP'ers that is the way to go. It took me a while to get used to the format, but eventually adapted.

The files do take up a bit of space both on the memory card and the hard drive, but in my opinion, it's certainly worth it. RAW captures more detail and allows you to correct White Balance easier. The Camera Raw program (I guess it's a program, perhaps just a plug-in?) associated with Adobe Photoshop is very easy to use! Easy settings and will open a RAW file (20-30MB) very quickly.

I encourage all JPEG users to switch over to RAW if you have the time and memory space to edit the images.


I agree with Chase. I have been shooting raw for about 2 months and I won't switch back. You have so much more picture to work with. I does take up more space on your memory card and computer but it is definitely worth it.
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