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Kind of along these lines, but does anybody have any opinions as which of the four announced routes the 611 will be running is the most photogenic? Think along the lines of if you could only do one of the four, which would it be? For me, photogenic equals to a 50/50 of old N&W stuff (including signals) and scenery (big bridges, tunnels etc.) Here are my four grades;

Manassas - Font Royal: F
Of course this is the closest to me. I've scouted the B-line a few times and I think it may be the least photogenic line outside of some place like Kansas. Only thing of any interest is the station in Manassas.

Lynchburg-Petersburg: D
Never been, but google earth tells me there is one medium interesting trestle outside of Lynchburg and thats it. No N&W signals and hard to access.

Roanoke - Lynchburg: C(?)
Never been and haven't done too much research. Looks to be a decent number of N&W signals but can't confirm if they are still there.

Roanoke - Radford: B
Have been and like it enough. Of course 1) the train turns around right when things get really interesting and 2) its Fourth of July weekend. Good blend of signals as well as the Montgomery double tunnel and coal tower at Vickers.

I'm leaning towards Roanoke - Lynchburg, even though its the line I know the least. Anybody have any better suggestion?
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