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Well, there is not much matching, They don't ask for 3 SD70's for a train( Matching not a good word for it ) just HP need to do the job on the line. The trainmasters (Boss) or power desk will just ask for what the need and if they have to much power will tell them to shut down some of them. Fast ones need more power to hold speed and slow trains just have to make the next hill.
With Electric transmissions they will add there HP and match speed of the others, Be it 4000 or 4400 HP. With DPU they will run the same throttle setting 1 thru 8 or they can set them as they need like after the front cresting a hill and the rear end still going up hill, Front in Dynamics and back ones in power and throttled down as speed comes up till there in dynamics too. But some don't like splitting the power and will just run them. Get 10 engineers together and they will all say about the same thing? But running a train is an art form.
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