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With regards to Maple Springs, there are two sweeping S curves that you can shoot there. One of them is in Maple Springs proper (where you see the sign for "Maple Springs" as you approach from Lake City), the other is about a mile further down the road:

Maple Springs Proper - Bluffs in background further away, no trees on river side of track
Image ©
Photograph ©

Maple Springs Traditional (further away from Lake City) - Bluffs larger, trees on river side
Image © Michael Quagliano
PhotoID: 274592
Photograph © Michael Quagliano

To access Maple Springs Proper (my preferable location), park as close as you can to the Lake City end of the expanded shoulder in Maple Springs. Cross the street and look for the ravine, which will allow you to crawl up and get the elevation you need (after you crawl into the ravine, walk towards Lake City).

To access Maple Springs Traditional, you'll have to do some exploring - I haven't figured that one out yet

Light there is best between 3 and 5 in the afternoon this time of year, although you may need to get there earlier / stay later, CP hasn't had as much traffic there lately... you'll see several trains go past on the BNSF side of the river while you wait.
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