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Louis Becker
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Originally Posted by Frederick
But does that make it okay, just because it doesn't concern the majority of contributors?
That's not what I'm meaning by this - what I am intending to say is that those of us who don't have photos pertaining to what he wants may not have to worry about browsing through his site. He seems to want photos in Mexico (go figure ). However, unfortunately, some photos, even when not in Mexico, still may be at risk in a case like this, such as this one:

Image © Mike Vandenberg
PhotoID: 174538
Photograph © Mike Vandenberg

My original question concerned whether or not photos like this one were being used. It didn't imply that it was okay to use these photos, regardless of where they were taken.

As I was originally saying, does it seem as though photographers like me and the person who took this above photo are at risk for our photos being stolen by the author of that site?


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