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Originally Posted by NicTrain35
Hi Bart,

I agree with you on this, but I only feel that the last car is rough. My family and I took the train from Joliet to Springfield. It was a full house and we had to take the last car. We've been told that the last car is the roughest ride. There were times that I thought the train was going to leave the tracks (no pun intended). They're increasing the speed limit by 30 MPH between Joliet and Springfield. The speed limit will now be 110 MPH. UP has fixed up the tracks and made the crossing gates cover the whole road. They are also talking about placing nets by the crossing to prevent cars from going around the gates. The superliners are as smooth as can be.
Never been in a Superliner, and will probably never ride one. Seen too many videos of the top heavy cars turning over in accidents. Some may disagree with this but, I will take a heavyweight Pullman car anyday on the mainlines of America. The thickness of the steel and sheer weight of these classics makes them ride better IMO and makes them safer IMO. 110 MPH is moving! Need to get N&W 611 up there with the old trainset behind her and break in that new speed limit
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