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[quote=Matt Rivers]
While doing some night shots in Pesotum, IL, I waited about 45 minutes for a train to show up. Finally, I was rewarded. Just as the air horn came within ear shot, a chorus of coyotes went up no more than 100 yards behind me, somewhere in the cornfield. Several things went through my mind at that point:

1.) I'm on the wrong side of the tracks from my car.

2.) I relieved myself about 10 minutes ago. "They" know what and where I am.

3.) There's a LOT of them.

4.) They've probably been there the WHOLE TIME I have.

So I anxiously waited for the train to come through, and once it did, for my shutter to close. As soon as it did, I grabbed the tripod, camera and all, and dashed for my car on the other side of the tracks. After fumbling with my keys for a good 10 seconds, I was safe. Not that coyotes are all that dangerous, I just didn't need any more of an adventure!!!

A very similar thing just happened to me today down at Milepost 215 in Little Falls, NY. I'm actually just about to leave for the day, in fact I had just taken my camera off the tripod, when I see the headlight of a westbound train approaching on track 1 (the far track). I quickly get my camera back on the tripod, and as the train approaches, a coyote comes wandering out of the trees about 25-30 feet to the east of me on my side of the tracks. Like in the above scenario, I also had recently relieved myself very close to where the coyote appeared. He wanders down to track level, and proceeds to head west down the center of track 2 (the near track). I'm on the rocks that are about cab level with the trains. He gets within about 10 or so feet of me. He is down at track level, and not acting threatening or anything, more like he's out on a summer stroll. He then turns around and trots back east down track 2. Mind you the westbound train on track 1 is now only about 50-100 yards away and closing. Just before the train and the coyote would pass, the coyote darts back into the trees from whence he came. Unfortunately, he cleared the frame, so I don't have a picture of the coyote and the train. Anyhow, that still left me in a pickle, as the last I saw the coyote he was between me and my car which is parked down a hill and about 50-75 yards east. And, to add to the mix, did his close encounter with a CSX stack train spook him? I quickly gathered my stuff (I was about to leave anyhow) and headed to the car. I didn't see him again, though.
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