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I have not managed to get a vehicle stuck (yet!), but we had an unwanted interruption on Saturday luchtime a few years back when the exhaust fell off the car in the middle of Cardiff Docks in South Wales. That put an end to the train chasing for a couple of hours whilst we sought out an auto repair centre. The same car was also reversed into a hedge whilst chasing a stone train in the Peak District (husband was driving at the time). The resulting thump sounded like bad news but had, fortunately, only split the plastic fairing under the boot. A bit of manipulation closed the gap to the extent that it wasn't very obvious and it remained there until we got rid of that car.
Other major disasters include a camera strap that parted from the camera whilst climbing over a gate, amazingly neither camera or lens was broken, the worst damage being to the filter, which had been pushed against the thread and jammed towards the lens.
I have also lost films in the post, the solution - find a local lab that we can visit in person, been using them over 15 years now with no complaints.
Worst of all however was getting four films back from a lab, before we found our local one, that had been totally ruined by being wrongly developed
The negatives are still around somewhere and I might try digitally scanning them one day to see if anything can be salvaged, but it is a tall order.
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