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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
You wouldn't believe how many images I have, not sure how much another would change the result. The transcon was popping. There was auto traffic to contend with, time spent waiting for traffic from the bars die down. I shot WB's, EB's, 35mm, 58mm, closer up farther away. Then there was shooting fast enough to keep the motion blur down, maybe a motion blur would work but generally not what I do.
This is not just Oh, this looks nice and take a shot.

Yes want to get the street and hotel, otherwise it is just a crossing.
Again, not going to argue the critique I simply don't think that if this was in, viewers would crowd the forum complaining or a stain on the site ,red or....... Smile.

If I were standing there beside you, as we were in Western Springs on a cold January night, I would probably do a dual exposure from the tripod. I would capture the scene, and then capture the gates / lights / train using a different exposure combination. I would then layer-blend those two in photoshop (your Nikon may be able to do that in-camera?). It's a scene that appears to need two different approaches to capture fully.

Is there an Oberweis close by there? I could really go for a smoothie now.

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