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Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek View Post
f/4.3 did this, aperture is far too wide for that much sunlight. Shoot at a wider aperture, and the focus issue will go away, but the noise is an issue, a major issue, especially when the ISO was at 80...
Only in the sense that f4.3 would be the "anti-sweet spot" of the particular lens used. A large aperture is not going to automatically make the focus "go away" if the proper focus was achieved in the first place.

But then again, as I reread your post, it appears I misunderstood and you're actually contradicting yourself. "f4.3 did this," with "this" being the image too soft, yet, you tell him to go wider (f4? f2.8?) and the focus issue will go away. Hmmm....

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